Lorenzo | @tekkerzkid

At 10 years old Lorenzo is not only a talented academy football player, but he has also taken the YouTube community by storm with his football, gaming and lifestyle content, that follows the Greer families crazy day to day life.

3.37m Subscribers

Ruby Rube

Ruby, 14 years old, is one of the largest girl YouTubers in the UK with over 3 million subscribers and achieving over 370 million views on her channel. Ruby loves to entertain and film videos for her huge fan base, in particular she loves filming challenge videos, pranks, reaction videos and skits. Ruby’s own merchandise is also available for her fans due to popular demand. Ruby attends a plethora of events and meet & greets where she loves interacting with other children. Ruby has worked with a range of brands including Claire’s and Moose Toys.

2.57M Subscribers

Ethan Gamer

Ethan Gamer, 13 years old, is one of the original kid gamers with over 2.5 million subscribers. Ethan is a huge kidfluencer in the gaming category. Ethan’s videos show his fans gameplay, walkthroughs, tips and hacks of all the best console games, in particular Minecraft and Roblox. Ethan has worked with Disney, Ubisoft and Hot Wheels.

5.4M Subscribers

Tiana Wilson

Tiana Wilson, Tiana’s second channel, was created to provide her fans with a further insight into her life through vlogs and skits with her family and friends. Tiana is one of the largest girl influencers in the UK; she loves recording fun challenges and pranks which her viewers LOVE to watch. With Tiana’s second channel she has a combined subscriber count of over 16 million! Tiana has collaborated with a number of brands including LEGO and Sony.

608k Subscribers


Kailem began his channel in 2017 filming football content for his sports-crazy fans. Kailem is a huge social media influencer with a strong young male following. Kailem loves learning new football skills and posting challenge videos with his friends and younger brother, YouTuber Zizi. Kailem is also interested in sportswear in particular football boots. Kailem has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Hot Wheels and Pro-Evolution Soccer.

197k Subscribers

Coco’s World

Coco is a young performer, musical theatre actress, YouTuber and social media influencer. Coco’s YouTube channel offers a huge insight into her life and interests through her regular vlogs. Coco’s older sister and popular YouTuber Freddy often appear in her content. Coco currently attends Sylvia Young Theatre School where her studies include drama and a number of dance genres, her favourite styles of dance are Tap and Jazz. Coco recently achieved a role in the West End show, Big The Musical and has also worked with the likes of Disney and New Look.

298k Subscribers

Ruby and Raylee

577k Subscribers


Sapphire, 16 years old, is a Singer, Songwriter, Performer, YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. Sapphire posts covers as well as her own orginial music onto her channel, she also uses her Instagram page to express her love for music, performing and fashion. Sapphire aims to use her platform on social media to raise awareness to social issues such as cyber-bullying; Sapphire completed a UK school tour where she performed to children across the UK and spoke out about the issue. Sapphire was also invited by the BBC to perform on BBC Mash-Up where she performed live.

1.2M Subscribers

Mia’s Life

Mia, 14 years old, is a member of one of the UK’s largest vlogging family, Family Fizz. Mia’s content consists of makeup, beauty, fashion, challenges and vlogs.

11.4M Subscribers


Tiana, 11 years old, is the UK’s biggest girl YouTuber, her channel began as Toys AndMe where she unboxed and reviewed the latest toys. Since then she risen to internet fame joined by her hilarious family and dog, Charlie. Viral Talent and the Social Store launched Tiana’s own brand “Hearts by Tiana” in 2018, the brand was recently commissioned by ASDA. Tiana has worked with a number of brands from Hasbro to Lelli Kelly.

494k Subscribers


Romello is a member of one of the largest UK vlogging families, Meet The Greers. Romello’s channel primarily focuses on gaming, in particular, Fortnite and racing games. Romello also produces videos in a vlogging-style giving his audience an insight into his daily life. Romello has partnered with the likes of Hot Wheels, MGA and Hasbro.

297k Subscribers

Ethan 2nd Channel

Ethan is primarily known for his gaming channel Ethan Gamer, but also has a 2nd channel “Ethan,” in which he shares vlogs, unboxings, challenges and reviews. Ethan has a passion for presenting roles and has worked with the likes of Hacker the Dog at the BBC and Disney.

40.1k Subscribers


Skye is a young YouTuber who enjoys posting content expressing her interests in fashion, beauty and make-up. Skye vlogs about her daily life, shopping hauls and make-up and hair tutorials. Skye has worked with the likes of MGA Entertainment.

297k Subscribers

Dan D

Dan is a member of the popular family channel, Gorgeous Movies. Dan’s own channel is focused on gaming in particular including Fortnite and Minecraft. Dan has worked with the likes of Hot Wheels, Mattel.

498k Subscribers


Fruity is a YouTuber who loves to produce videos focused on gaming, primarily Fortnite gameplay. Fruity also has a passion for presenting roles, he has previously worked with the likes of SoBeano, Cartoon Network and Sky.

444k Subscribers

Creative Celeste

Celeste, 12 years old, is a YouTuber and also has a passion for presenting roles. Celeste’s channel comprises of challenges, vlogs, games and life updates. As well as being a social media influencer, Celeste also has a passion for modelling and fashion. Celeste has worked with the likes of CBBC and MGA Entertainment.

At Viral Talent we manage the biggest creators on YouTube and ensure they have the support in place to maximise their potential. We are keen to understand the creators vision and where they want to be. We then create a long term strategy to ensure we can achieve the aims and aspirations of each of our creators.

We bring the biggest and relevant brands to our creators, but we aren’t about sponsored content. We provide opportunities for careers on TV, Sport and Music. We also have all the connections for licencing deals and the best merchandise agreements.

working with brands

Our team of specialists will enable brands to tell their story through the world’s top social media influencers across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Snapchat.

Our young influencers offer brands the perfect channel to engage with Gen Z.

At Viral Talent we have executed viral content utilising relevant social media platforms.


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