After huge success in a previous campaign, which launched internationally across 4 countries in the EU, Silverlit Toys were keen to partner with Viral Group to produce more engaging, influencer-led content.

This time round, Viral Group were briefed to provide promotion and awareness to support the European launch of Silverlit Toy's newest toy brand, Tiny Furries. The exciting launch of its girls collectible range across France, Spain and Germany was heavily reliant on the influencer activity which Viral Group planned and executed.


Viral Group used its strong network and relationships with creators to piece together an exciting line up of talent. The creators who were selected were specifically chosen to target the brands primary demographic (girls aged 6-10 years old), as well as its secondary audience (parents) across France, Germany and Spain.

The creators were asked to produce video content for their YouTube channels which would authentically incorporate the Tiny Furries products. With this in mind, Viral Group were keen to highlight the importance of allowing the creators to produce content freely in a way that was true to their native style and would appeal best to their audiences. In addition to YouTube content, some of the creators also supported the brand via Instagram in the form of static-image feed posts and video feed posts in order to maximise the impact of the campaign.

Viral Group also offered Silverlit Toys added value in the form of organic YouTube content which was produced by a number of micro-influencers through gifting of the products.


The campaign was a great success and within the 2 month campaign period the content exceeded over 5.3 million Views on YouTube and over 120,800 Likes on Instagram!! Prior to the start of the campaign, Viral Group had guaranteed Silverlit Toys that the campaign would produce 2,085,000 views based on the current performance of the selected creators - Viral Group went on to completely smash this and achieved way beyond its target by 156%!!