Silverlit Toys - Lazer MAD and YCOO


In 2018 Viral Talent embarked on a new venture in partnership with the international toy company, Silverlit. In the build up to Christmas, Viral Talent were tasked with the promotion of their two exciting toy ranges, Lazer MAD and Silverlit Robots.

Silverlit were keen to launch an International campaign predominantly targeting an audience of boys (Lazer MAD aimed at boys aged 6-12 years old, while Silverlit Robots targeted boys aged 4-10 years old). Viral Talent reached this audience through initiating an influencer-led campaign across four target countries: France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK.


Viral Talent produced an impressive roster of EU KidFluencer talent with a combined reach of 8,475,071 subscribers who could offer multiple activations via YouTube and Instagram. Teaming up with the best across Europe; Gorgeous Movies, Swan the Voice, Artus Weichert and Lakap Junior to name but a few. These activations were spread over a 2 month time period and generated the highest levels of engagement.


As an Influencer Management agency, Viral Talent emphasises to the brands, the importance of creative freedom for the Influencers. This proves to provide top quality, organic-like content that suits their fan base and because the brand respected this, the campaign was a huge success. The outcome was a diverse range of online content that generated an incredible number of views, exceeding 3.1 Million!!

Representing an extensive network of influencers, of all different tier levels, Viral Talent were able to arrange not only paid for videos, but additional organic content which came in the form of YouTube videos and Instagram posts. Adding additional value to the brand is something Viral Talent consistently aim to achieve.

Each of the talent produced outstanding videos which showed with the incredible views they received. The results were so good, Viral Talent eclipsed both targets within the 2 month campaign period!


“Silverlit has been working with Viral Talent on different influencer campaigns across Europe for LAZER M.A.D and our robot toys since 2018, and recently for Tiny Furries. The best thing to work with Edward and his team is not just about generating millions of video views, but also creating content, locate the best influencers that fits the brands and growing together, like a team. They have full understandings of both toy & influencers marketing industry, get our challenges, and implement the best influencers marketing strategy to help us market our business across Europe. We are continuously impressed with their level of service, they are not only proactive and responsive, but also at the forefront of thought leadership in the influencers marketing space. I highly recommend their services!

Stephen Chi
Manager - Digital Marketing