To promote the release of Moose Toy’s new collectible range, OH! MY GIF. The toy range brings fun social media GIFs to life in your hands!

Moose Toys wanted video content from influencers which highlighted the features and collectability of the product and to raise awareness of the launch in order to drive UK sales amongst its target audience.

The primary market for the product range is Gen Z / Gen Alpha girls and boys in in the UK aged between 6 and 12 years old.


Viral Group explored a variety of influencer options who would be able to relate to the product, whilst also ensuring their audiences were in-line with the target market for OH! MY GIF. Using bespoke Influencer Hub software, the Viral Group were able to search both within the UK and internationally for relevant influencers with a UK audience strong enough to fulfill the brands objectives.

The Viral Group and Moose Toys appointed US Tween YouTube sensation, Piper Rockelle to complete 1x YouTube Integration. Piper's fun and energetic personality meant she was able to produce engaging content that appealed to the right audience for the campaign. To support this activity Piper also published Instagram stories which included a swipe-up link direct to the retailers' site.

Additionally, Viral Group believed it would be beneficial to use a parent creator who could produce content that targeted parents-a-like since they hold the power to purchase. Holly Vlogs – a money-saving and couponing pro from the UK who has built a community of parents across her socials - was appointed to film a detailed unboxing of the products on her TikTok page.


The campaign was a huge success, hitting the right audiences across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok; Piper's YouTube content generated over 2.76 million views and 22.2 million impressions and counting, whilst her Instagram story reached over 140,000 users! Over on TikTok, Holly Vlogs's unboxing post was viewed by over 71,000 users.