Viral Group were approached by long-standing partners Carousel PR to recruit creators for a digital campaign to promote L.O.L. Surprise!'s newest Remix series. The new series by MGA Entertainment launched internationally and Carousel PR were tasked with planning and managing the UK portion of the campaign.

Viral Group were asked by Carousel to recruit the trendiest kidfluencers who could take part and produce content which would engage girls aged 6-9 in the UK. The Carousel team were inspired by the "Pass the Brush" video trend - which went viral across TikTok and Instagram - and wanted Viral Group to select creators who could emulate this style to produce a collaborative video alongside other creators.

As well as this, Viral Group were tasked with hiring a creator who could produce a detailed unboxing video to provide viewers with a more in depth review of the new series.


Upon reviewing the brief provided by Carousel PR, Viral Group suggested a list of relative creators who could take part in the collaborative video and cover the target demographics - kid YouTubers Toys AndFun Sisters, Tween/Teen YouTubers Coco's World and Ambi C and lastly Mum and Daughter Instagram duo Olkafiolka. Carousel PR organised for the creators to be sent props and shared an example video as a guide for them to emulate. The final video was then published on L.O.L. Surprise!'s Instagram account as an IGTV.

Secondly, Viral Group selected Ambi C - an aspirational YouTuber - to film a detailed unboxing video to be published on her YouTube channel. Amber's channel primarily focuses on this style of video which made her the ideal creator to fulfill the brief. Amber's video was also published across the L.O.L. Surprise!'s Instagram account.


The campaign was a huge success!! The unboxing content published by Ambi C onto her YouTube channel generated over 228,000 video views. Additionally, Viral's creators who participated in the collaborative video also posted the content to their socials achieving over 95,000 video views.

To view the campaign content click the links below:
Collaborative video:
Ambi C's unboxing video: