The H&M meet and greet campaign featuring Ruby and Raylee set out to create awareness amongst the target audience for H&M’s upcoming Halloween, dress up and fashion collection.


The meet and greet was fun for all, it not only promoted the Halloween range but attendees got to take selfies with Ruby and Raylee, but could also get their faces painted and get involved in a mask making workshop.

The campaign aimed to create a buzz around the collection for early October and also for Ruby and Raylee to create fun, shareable content that H&M could use on their socials.


This campaign featured exciting, fun and engaging content which was well received by the talent’s audience. Through the creation of paid and unpaid content Ruby and Raylee managed to achieve maximum exposure outside of the contracted deliverables.

This included a video featured on Ruby’s own YouTube channel, Ruby Rose UK, as a form of added value content. At the time of writing this case study this content had hit an outstanding 52k views on YouTube.