Viral Group worked with Hasbro to produce this incredibly innovative influencer-led campaign. The objective was to create mass awareness and exposure of the brand new Avengers Infinity War toys produced by Hasbro.

The toys were targeted towards boys aged 6-11 years old in the UK. The secondary objective for the campaign was to drive click throughs via a link to the retailer to provide the opportunity persuade consumers to purchase the products and drive online sales.


Viral Group selected Family YouTubers Gorgeous Movies from their own talent roster, to lead the campaign. Gorgeous Movies are well-known for their film and song parodies and especially their Marvel and DC superhero themed content so they were the perfect fit for the brand. Gorgeous Movies produced YouTube content and a PopJam to promote the toys to their audience.

Additional creators from Viral Group's roster were also included in the campaign to ensure it achieved maximum exposure; Meet The Greers - one of the UK's largest vlogging families - and Tekkerz Kid - a YouTube sensation in the kids space - were asked to produce YouTube and Instagram content.


Viral Group and its creators absolutely smashed the campaign and generated one of the most powerful, high impact influencer-led campaigns. To date, Gorgeous Movie's YouTube video has achieved an astonishing 77+ million views!!!

The client, Hasbro were incredibly pleased with the results and shared the content with their global team as an example of the incredible results that are attainable through the use of influencers/YouTubers in marketing campaigns.