Emma Jayne x H&M


This campaign was launched to boost the sales figures of H&M's new Spring/Summer Emma Jayne collection for Kids. H&M were keen to work with Viral Group's family creators The Grimwade Family after their success on a previous collaboration. Not only were H&M pleased with the content and the high engagament levels it generated, but the brand were also looking to tune into their like-minded, family-orientated audience who were the target market for this collection.


Viral Group produced a marketing plan which focused on creating content across The Grimwade Family's Instagram account; this generally achieves a very high engagement rate of around 20%. A combination of a carousel grid post and stories with swipe up links to the H&M Kids website generated a huge amount of exposure for H&M's newest Kids collection.

The family's 5 oldest children were seen modelling the collection all together which portrayed the fun, family-feel that H&M wanted to capture. The advantage to any brand that collaborates with The Grimwade Family is that they are able to showcase products which target a wide age demographic because their children range from toddler to 10 years old.


The campaign was a great success; the grid post alone generated over 22.6% engagement. H&M were so pleased with the content that the brand also published the images on the homepage of the Kids website to showcase the collection. H&M also had the rights to use the content across its digital send-outs to customers.

This highlights that not only did The Grimwade Family fulfill the brief but the standard and quality of the content they produced was recognised as being so high that H&M used it as part of their general advertising strategy. Even much so that H&M had appointed The Grimwade Family to take part in another campaign for 2020.