Desenio were keen to raise awareness to its products. The ultimate aim was to drive sales from the primary target market which is females in the UK aged 18-40.

The main challenge for the campaign was ensuring that each creator who was employed produced content that was personal to them and relevant to their home/lifestyle.


Viral Group have partnered with Desenio on a number of campaigns and the key focus for each has been to ensure that the nature of the advertisement is authentic; it's important to Desenio that the each activation is tailored specifically to the creator allowing them to showcase their own creative style using the prints, personalising this to themselves, family or home.

The creative control for this campaign was really given to the creators to ensure that the message was as authentic as possible. YouTube and Instagram were the primary platforms utilised for the campaign; across these platforms Viral Group ensured that a CTA was given which directed consumers to the Desenio website via a link. The creator's followers were also provided with a discount code which offered an incentive to purchase Desenio products.


The creator with the largest following on this campaign generated more than 36,000 Likes on her Instagram grid post and over 324 link clicks across her 3 stories. The YouTube content achieved over 18,000 views on the creator's channel - more than double the views they normally generate - this is because the advertisement was organically incorporated within the creators "House Tour" which is a popular topic amongst YouTube viewers.