Always Discreet launched this campaign with the vision of getting more women to break the silence on bladder leaks and encouraging women to start talking about this.

The challenge for this campaign was to find an influencer willing to talk openly about the brand with her audience as this is considered a taboo subject. This needed to be fitting among Always' target female demographic and product in relation to their content.


Viral Group approached the campaign understanding the need to find the right influencer who could achieve the brand's objective.

With the influencer needing to speak openly to her audience, through a variety of content types i.e. IGTV, Posts and Stories as well as attend a London based brand event. With this in mind, Viral Group appointed TheFatFunnyOne aka Jessica Jones - a public speaker focused on sharing the message of female body confidence and body positivity. Jess has a strong and loyal following on Instagram and on top of this her experience in public speaking makes her the perfect match for the brand.


The campaign achieved over 22,000 combined story views and a reach of over 15,500 on Jess's grid post which gave Jess's followers an overview of the Always Discreet movement.

Jess went into further details on an IGTV. The brand event was also a huge success, Jess and the event's attendees were able to speak openly about their personal experiences with regards to the issues raised by Always.