15M Subscribers

Toys and Little Gaby

Gaby, 6 and Alex, 5 began their channel in 2012 and since then have become YouTube sensations in the kids category. Their content consists of pretend play, toys, games and challenges to entertain millions of children worldwide. With over 13.6 million subscribers they are the biggest kids YouTube channel in the UK. Toys and Little Gaby have partnered with TOMY, MGA and Mattel to name but a few.

10.6M Subscribers

Emily Tube

Emily Tube began her channel in 2014, her channel comprises of toys, unboxings and reviews. Emily is one the largest kids channels in the UK; she loves making learning fun for kids and howing all of her subscribers the fun she has playing with her favourite toys. Emily has worked with a number of brands including Baby Annabell and MGA Entertainment.

3.8 M Subscribers

Twin Toys

Twin Toys are all about Nerf battles and family friendly adventures.

2.57M Subscribers

Ethan Gamer

Ethan Gamer, 13 years old, is one of the original kid gamers with over 2.5 million subscribers. Ethan is a huge kidfluencer in the gaming category. Ethan’s videos show his fans gameplay, walkthroughs, tips and hacks of all the best console games, in particular Minecraft and Roblox. Ethan has worked with Disney, Ubisoft and Hot Wheels.

2M Subscribers

Toys and Fun Sisters

Leona, 8 and Sharon, 6 started posting videos on YouTube in 2016. They love performing to create skit-styled videos to share their love of indoor and outdoor games and toys with their viewers. The two sisters enjoy filming challenges together and learning along the way. Toys and Fun Sisters have worked with a variety of brands from Barbie to LOL Surprise.

1.7M Subscribers

Alex TubeFun

Alex loves toys. Join Alex to see him play with toys for kids! On this channel you will find videos about Learning Colors and,Numbers, Nursery Rhymes Songs, Trains, Kids ride on Cars, Motorbikes, Balls, Trucks, Playgrounds with Slides, Indoor Play Areas, Token Rides, Toys Reviews, Games, Challenges, and many more educative videos for kids. Alex has worked with Mattel, Little Tikes and many more.

1.65M Subscribers

Naty TubeFun

Naty loves having fun on her channel posting funny videos showing challenges, toys, leanring colours and numbers, nursery ryhmes and playgroun games. Naty’s content is educational for kids. Naty has created content for brands such as Mattel and MGA.

1.4M Subscribers

Fun Family Three Ava Isla and Olivia

This channel features a Fun Family of 6 – sisters Ava, Isla, Olivia, baby brother Noah, Mum and Dad! Every Summer the family vlog their vacation in Florida that are a lot of fun and every December they make Magical Elf on the Shelf videos for the kids to enjoy! The family enjoy filming a combination of Vlogs, Skits, challenges, pranks and more throughout the year all of which are suitable for the whole family!

810k Subscribers

Hitzh Toys

This channel features family friendly videos showcasing learning for kids through toys and play. The boys love unboxing and reviewing brand new toys for their subscribers.

1.4M Subscribers

Ruby and Bonnie

You will find lots of fun Challenges, Vlogs, Skits, Playtime including storytelling, toy reviews, scavenger hunts, unboxing and making the most of family time! The two sisters love creating content for their channel together! Ruby and Bonnie have partnered with the likes of Vivid Toys, MGA Entertainment and Hatchimals.

608k Subscribers


Kailem began his channel in 2017 filming football content for his sports-crazy fans. Kailem is a huge social media influencer with a strong young male following. Kailem loves learning new football skills and posting challenge videos with his friends and younger brother, YouTuber Zizi. Kailem is also interested in sportswear in particular football boots. Kailem has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Hot Wheels and Pro-Evolution Soccer.

458k Subscribers

Fizz Sisters

Mia, 15 and Sienna, 8 are sisters from the UK’s biggest vogging family, Family Fizz. Their channel consists of fun and laughter. Fizz Sisters’ creative videos are filled with toys, make up, challenges and parties. Fizz Sisters have partnered with Moose Toys, MGA Entertainment and others.

252k Subscribers

Super Sienna

Sienna, 8 from the UK’s largest vlogging family, Family Fizz is a fantastically entertaining young YouTuber. On her channel she shows us what she gets up to during her daily life including challenges, toy reviews and vlogs.

185k Subscribers

Toys Like Honey

Honey loves filming challenge videos and unboxing toys for her channel. She also loves to play indoor and outdoor games with her younger brother Mata. Honey has created content for brands such as MGA Entertainment.

164k Subscribers


Emma is an 11 year old YouTuber and loves creating videos for her subscribers, the #Emmasquad! She loves posting videos to help her fans with fashion, hairstyles and make-up through vlogs, hauls and DIY videos. Emma’s mum also appears on her channel to take part in fun and crazy challenges. Emma has worked with the likes of Poopsie and Stabilo.

162k Subscribers

Twin VS Twin

Twin sisters Sienna and Sariah, aged 8 are members of UK’s well known family channel Meet The Greers. For their channel, they film lots of fun activities and challenges with all the family involved. From games and toys to sports and challenges, there is something for all kids to enjoy!

150k Subscribers

Tash Baller

Tash Baller is a YouTuber, Model and Academy Footballer for Wolverhampton Wanderers. His channel consists of challenge videos and vlogs and is heavily sport related. Tash’s younger sister, and fellow YouTuber Tianna-Leanne also gets involved to create fun videos that kids love! Tash has teamed up with the likes of Nike and Very.

76k Subscribers

Ruby Rose UK

YouTuber and presenter Ruby Rose UK loves posting DIY videos, unboxings, reviews and shopping hauls. Ruby also LOVES slime challenges with her big sister Raylee. Ruby has worked with brands such as MGA and IET. When Ruby collaborated with Disney she was involved in their “Vlogger Takeover” week.

29k Subscribers

Bonnie’s Toy World

Bonnie’s Toy World is a Fun Kids Channel for toddlers, and babies to enjoy fun adventures and family fun and even toys reviews and unboxing! Bonnie also features on the Ruby and Bonnie channel with her older sister, YouTuber and Actress Ruby Rube.

25k Subscribers

Beau’s Toy Farm

Beau is well known for his unboxing channel, Beau’s Toy Farm where he reviews and demostrates the newest toys. Beau has also appeared often on TV such as Little Big Shots. Beau has worked with the likes of SpinMaster, Zuru and Mattel.


Braydon Bent

Braydon is a presenter and social media influencer with a strong presence on Instagram. He works with Sky News and was the kids mini-presenter for the BAFTA Awards in 2018. Braydon loves football especially Manchester City FC.

1.5k Subscribers

Amigo James

Amigo James loves creating videos and acting as a presenter, he is a very energetic speaker and loves to entertain an audience. On his channel he films unboxings, toy reviews and vlogs. Amigo James has partnered with a number of brands and retailers including Smiggle.

88k Subscribers

Ambi C

Amber is young YouTuber who loves presenting to showcase the latest toys, games and slimes to her loyal audience. Amber focuses mostly on producing creative unboxings, hauls and reviews with the occassional giveaway competitions which she also hosts on her Instagram page. Amber has worked with a plethora of brands including Disney and Bandai.