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At Viral Family we manage top tier talent within the family space. Consisting of family creators, Mum creators or MumFluencers across YouTube, Instagram, 21 Buttons and Pinterest as well as DadFluencers. As specialist influencer agents we ensure all talent have the support in place to maximise their potential. We are keen to understand the creators vision and where they want to be. We then create a long term strategy to ensure we can achieve the aims and aspirations of the creator.

We bring the biggest and relevant brands to our creators, but we aren’t about sponsored content. We provide opportunities for careers on everything outside of our talents social platform. We also have all the connections for licencing deals and the best merchandise agreements. Viral Family offers a complete 360 influencer management service.


398k Subscribers

The Nasey Family

269k Subscribers

Meet The Greers

Meet the Greers are one of the UK’s most popular family YouTube channels. Their family comprises of Dad Nathan, Mum Tara, their three sons Romello, Lorenzo, Thiago, and twin daughters Sienna and Sariah. The most recent addition to the family is newborn baby boy, Marcello. The children also have their own YouTube channels, Lorenzo is one of the UK’s largest boy YouTubers, Tekkerz Kid. The Greers’ channel primarly consists of vlogs, life updates, family, lifestyle, sport and family challenges. They have collaborated with the likes of Sony, Facebook, Hasbro and more.

2m Subscribers

The Wilsons

The Wilsons are made up of Dad Nigel, Mum Cherina, their son Jordon (also a YouTuber) and daughter Tiana (the biggest girl YouTuber in the UK.) Their fun, family-friendly content is full of energy and incredibly entertaining. The Wilson’s love filming family challenges to make their audience laugh. The Wilsons have worked with the likes of Sony.

2.3M Subscribers

Family Fizz

Family Fizz are well known for being one of the biggest family vlogging channels in the UK. Their family is made up of Dad Darren, Mum Georgie and their three daughters Mia, Sienna and Karma plus a baby on the way! Mia and Sienna also have their own separate YouTube channels, as well as a joint channel, Fizz Sisters. Family Fizz’s content focuses on family, lifestyle vlogs, challenges, life updates and travel. Family Fizz have over 526,000 Instagram followers and receive an average of 67,000 Likes per post; their engagement with their fans is incredible. Family Fizz have partnered with many brands including Dyson and Tesco.

1.7m Subscribers

Gorgeous Movies

Gorgeous Movies are a very niche family channel with over 1.5 million subscribers. Their content is a mixture of song parodies, film parodies and creative short films produced by Dad, David. Also appearing on the channel is Mum Janet and their three boys Daniel, Harry and Charlie. The family regularly create content based around Marvel and DC which their audience love. Their most popular video received over 60 million views. Gorgeous Movies have worked with the likes of Silverlit Toys, Hasbro and Mattel.

167k Subscribers

The Grimwade Family

The Grimwade Family consists of Dad Tim, Mum Ella and their 5 children, Heze, Hosanna, Halle, Harper and Hazariah. Ella is currently pregnant with their sixth child. Heze is an Academy Footballer at Chelsea FC and all of the children are homeschooled. Tim and Ella are keen to show the benefits of creating a large family through vlogging their daily life, emotions and milestones. The Grimwades have worked with brands including Bandai and Compare the Market.

124k Subscribers

Family Freedom

Family Freedom are a Vegan vlogging family from London. Their family comprises of Dad Bob, Mum Katie and their children JoJo, Jamie and Sam. Bob and Katie love to share their experiences raising their children and vlogging their daily life. The family often film fun challenge videos which their audience love to watch.



Darran & Tim are the guys behind the_lincolnshaws. They are very passionate about their adoption journey and frequently discuss the process on their social media and blog to raise awareness and help others understand how it works.



Roland is a single dad to Lily and Ralph. They share a mutual love for CFC and all things football and frequently post about their family days out and activities.



Roy and Laura are sharing their triplet journey and how they cope with everyday life.

our job is to maximise our creators potential

working with brands

At Viral Family our influencers engage with all members of the family. Families will watch our family influencers whereas mums from 18 – 40 will engage with our MumFluencers so we can target a wide variery of age groups depending on the brief.

If this is the audience you are looking to target then you have come to the right place.

We have executed campaigns across Fashion, Baby Care, Travel, Grooming, Beauty and more.



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